"Brian K. Rice Speaks Through Purpose"
Motivational Speaker  | Programs Coordinator | Business Development Manager | Engineer
'B. Rice'
College Speaker, Brian K. Rice speaking
at local university on behalf of Houston
Area Urban League Young Professionals
African American Motivational Speaker,
Brian K Rice is invited to speak at
Flemming Middle School in Houston, TX
Brian mentoring at the
College of Business at
Prairie View A&M University
Brian reading to students in Charlotte,
NC on behalf of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity
Brian gives exceptional speech to local
youth at Texas Southern University
African American Youth Motivational
Speaker, Brian Rice volunteers at
Eisenhower High School in Houston, TX
Brian encourages young minds
at Lakewood Elementary
Brian shares encouraging words during
speech at Eisenhower High School on
behalf of Pilots and Professionals
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Brian Rice speaks to young ladies at Center Point
High School about the importance of modeling
successful women and removing anyone in their
circle that may hinder their true goals in life.
Brian K. Rice is speak to adjudicated youth
at Mt. Meigs juvenile facility in Mt. Meigs,
Alabama about traits of successful men
and how each of them can alter their life
Common Speaking Topics
Brian Rice speaks at Alabama A&M University,
School of Engineering and Technology. Brian
moderates panel of college students and young
professionals and speaks about resume tips, job
searching tips, personal branding, G.P.A. and more.
Parent University, Norfolk Public Schools. Brian
Rice is the keynote speaker and he speaks to
parents on the importance of encouraging their
child to learn without limits, character development,
career exposure, and more
Brian speaks at the Tom Joyner family Reunion with
celebrity moderator Michael Baisden. Brian and
Michael discuss topics related to black fathers,
child abuse, and the importance of being a
consistent father or mentor in this clip.
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Birmingham, AL. Brian speaks on self sabotage,
self confidence, responsible manhood, career
preparedness, college prep, and the importance
of education.