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"Brian K. Rice Speaks Through Purpose"
Motivational Speaker  | Programs Coordinator | Business Development Manager | Engineer
'B. Rice'
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video to the right is a promotional clip for Brian's
Black Philanthropy book "Black Americans, We
Need You" ("Black Americans, We Need You" is true
encouragement and solutions for those who want to
make a positive impact in Black America)
Below are snapshots from the Houston Area Urban
Black Executive Exchange Program, "BEEP" which
took place at Prairie View A&M University.
In the video below High School Speaker, Brian K.
Rice speaks to High School Students about the
importance of being better than average.
College Speaker, Brian K. Rice speaking
at local university on behalf of Houston
Area Urban League Young Professionals
African American Motivational Speaker,
Brian K Rice is invited to speak at
Flemming Middle School in Houston, TX
Brian mentoring at the
College of Business at
Prairie View A&M University
Brian reading to students in Charlotte,
NC on behalf of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity
Brian gives exceptional speech to local
youth at Texas Southern University
African American Youth Motivational
Speaker, Brian Rice volunteers at
Eisenhower High School in Houston, TX
Brian encourages young minds
at Lakewood Elementary
Brian shares encouraging words during
speech at Eisenhower High School on
behalf of Pilots and Professionals
College Speaker, Brian K. Rice encourages
students at Prairie View A&M University College of
Business on the importance of internships, good
interview skills, discipline & more
Brian K Rice
Youth Small Group Breakout Sessions:
(The breakout sessions below are great for high schools, middle
schools, universities, athletes, student leaders, troubled youth, at risk
students, boys or girls only discussions, non profits, summer programs,
conferences, workshops, seminars, churches, conventions)

•        You Pick The Topic and the Students
•        30 min, 1 hour sessions, 2 hour sessions
•        30 students or less preferably to increase individual participation

Small group breakout sessions are broken into any combination of 3
(1) “The Leader’s Responsibility”
(2) “Connect to Your Best Future”
(3) “Our Greatest Success Stories”

(1) “A Leader’s Responsibility” (students with peer influence)
This breakout session target students who naturally lead their peers.
This group is not for students who are the teachers’ favorites but the
students’ favorites. This group shall consist of a mixed bag of young
leaders. This group is for the negative and positive leaders. In some
cases, youth tend to follow the toughest and most outspoken person
among their peers. In other cases, students admire and follow the best
athlete on the team. Other cases show that students follow the student
with the nicest cars and clothes. In this group, I am looking for students
with traits that set them apart. I am not looking for the quiet students
with great grades. I am looking for student leaders for the sole purpose
of connecting them to the importance of the positive influence they can
put out. This group of students have the power to encourage large
crowds of students to reach their absolute best because so many
others follow them.

(2) “Connect to Your Best Future” (under performing students)
This purpose driven breakout session is designed for students who
lack drive and motivation to do their best. This session applies to
athletes who make the minimum requirements to play, or other
students who settle with “B” and “C” averages or less that put out little
effort, and students who continue to separate themselves from their
best future because they are constantly acting out or skipping class
and continue to remove themselves from the classroom for disciplinary
reasons. “I believe all students can become great the moment they
connect to the importance of all of their actions”

(3) “Our Greatest Success Stories” (at risk youth with overwhelming
This youth motivational breakout session is for youth with
overwhelming challenges at home or at school. I don’t need to know
their personal circumstances. Some of these students will have to
struggle with the emotional stress of being raised in foster care. Some
may be forced to support their family financially at a very early age and
are forced to work when other students have time to do their
homework. Others may struggle with the importance of staying in
school and they are at risk to dropping out any day. The greatest
success stories in life that inspire others are often created from kids
who grow up in very poor conditions that were able to navigate their
environment to become successful. It is very important to me to
encourage this group because they often have to deal with many
challenges that others never had to worry about.
Brian has worked and lived in
Knoxville, TN - Milwaukee, WI -
Richmond, VA - Charlotte, NC -
Houston, TX - Birmingham, AL and he
wants to share every experience he
has learned to help the next
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"Anything Can Happen, Anything Can Be"
(Thoughts to Live By #2) " Below, African American
Inspirational Speaker, Brian Rice passionately
encourages all to believe in themselves. This is
encouragement for adults and youths.
Brian Rice speaks to young ladies at Center Point
High School about the importance of modeling
successful women and removing anyone in their
circle that may hinder their true goals in life.
is titled "Impossible is Nothing". Brian speaks about
the importance of believing in yourself when all
others doubt you.  Brian is a nationally recognized
Below, Brian delivers Thoughts to Live By #3 which
is titled "Impossible is Nothing". Brian speaks about
the importance of believing in yourself when all
others doubt you.  Brian is a nationally recognized
African-American Speaker & Author. B. Rice regularly
speaks to high school students.
"If you happen to be born in a low income home ..."
(B. Rice
Thoughts to Live By #4)  Below, African
American Professional Speaker, Brian Rice income
homes to do their absolute best in school.income
homes to do their absolute best in school.
Brian K. Rice
African American Youth Motivational Speaker
Book Brian Today for Youth or Adults!
Rural Towns, Inner City, Urban or Suburban Communities
Newark, New Jersey | Lafayette, Louisiana | Mobile, Alabama | Dallas, Texas | Montgomery, Alabama | Jacksonville, Florida |
Cleveland, Ohio | Kansas City, Missouri | St. Louis, Missouri, Kansas City, Kansas | Los Angeles, California | Little Rock, Arkansas |
Louisville, Kentucky | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Detroit, Michigan | Baltimore, Maryland | Chicago, Illinois | Richmond, Virginia |
Charlotte, North Carolina | Birmingham, Alabama | Jackson, Mississippi | Nashville, Tennessee | Houston, Texas | New Orleans,
Louisiana | Tulsa, Oklahoma | Washington, D.C. | New York, New York  | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | Charleston, South Carolina |
Milwaukee, Wisconsin | Gary, Indiana | Raleigh Durham, North Carolina | Indianapolis, Indiana and more

Brian K. Rice, African American Motivational Speaker & Author
Brian K. Rice
African American Youth & Adult Motivational Speaker
Brian K. Rice is speak to adjudicated youth
at Mt. Meigs juvenile facility in Mt. Meigs,
Alabama about traits of successful men
and how each of them can alter their life
Brian was one of the featured youth and adult motivational speakers at the
Tom Joyner Morning Show annual family reunion event in Orlando, FL
Videos and Photos are shown below:
Highlights of  the "Dreams to Reality" panel for
teens hosted by Sybil Wilkes- co-host of the Tom
Motivational Speaker, Brandon Iverson - Teen  for
Highlights of  the "Dreams to Reality" Entrepreneur,
Jordan Williams -Teen Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur,
Jordan Williams -Teen Entrepreneur, Allstate Agency
Owner, Damon A. Williams - Allstate Agency Owner,
Damon A. Williams - Teenager Licensed Financial
Highlights from the Tom Joyner, youth bullying
Brian K. Rice - Teenager Motivational Speaker,
Toni  Washington- Inner City Guru, Dr. Veronica
White - Psychologist, Katerina Taylor & Nina
Johnson -Divas in Defense, Terri Robinson -
Parent Young Musician
Common Speaking Topics
Full 1hr video for the "Dreams to Reality" panel for
teens hosted by Sybil Wilkes- co-host of the Tom
Joyner Morning Show & Panelist: Brian K. Rice-Youth
Motivational Speaker, Brandon Iverson & Jordan
Williams - Teen Entrepreneurs with Making Money for
Teens, Ryan Pendleton - Young Pilot, Latalyia
McKnight- Allstate Agency Owner, Damon A. Williams
- Teenager Licensed Financial Specialist
"Anything Can Happen, Anything Can Be"
(Thoughts to Live By #2) " Below, African American
Inspirational Speaker, Brian Rice passionately
encourages all to believe in themselves. This is
encouragement for adults and youths.
Brian Rice speaks at Alabama A&M University,
School of Engineering and Technology. Brian
moderates panel of college students and young
professionals and speaks about resume tips, job
searching tips, personal branding, G.P.A. and more.
Brian recruits Young Professionals to come back
and mentor students at Alabama A&M University.
Young professionals hosts career and networking
S.T.E.M. panel for the school of Engineering and
Technology and discuss career readiness tips.
Parent University, Norfolk Public Schools. Brian
Rice is the keynote speaker and he speaks to
parents on the importance of encouraging their
child to learn without limits, character development,
career exposure, and more
Brian speaks at the Tom Joyner family Reunion with
celebrity moderator Michael Baisden. Brian and
Michael discuss topics related to black fathers,
child abuse, and the importance of being a
consistent father or mentor in this clip.
Brian delivers end of year speech for High School
juniors and seniors for "College Forward". Brian
gives heartfelt advice that can be used for a lifetime.
Brian speaks about overcoming struggle and taking
control of your future.
"Step Into Your Future" Below, African American
Speaker, Brian Rice passionately gives motivational
performance and connects high school students to
the importance of education and the choices that
will lead them to their best future.
Emerging Young Leaders Community Summit,
Birmingham AL Empowerment Week. Brian shares
some powerful words to encourage youth to value
education. Brian also shares his love and his
reasoning for doing community work full time.
Parent University, Norfolk Public Schools. Brian
Rice is the keynote speaker and he speaks to
parents on the importance of encouraging their
child to learn without limits, character development,
career exposure, and more
Brian K. Rice host a college workshop in Baltimore,
Maryland titled "Overcoming Obstacles, Strategies
for Young Black Men". Men share their reason for
getting an education. Men share their motivation for
Business on the importance of internships, good
interview skills, discipline & more

(1) Workforce Development & Career Preparedness
Brian has taken a significant interest in career preparation for adults and youths. Brian offers workshops covering career possibilities,
resume development, interview tips, skill development advice and more for youth, college students, and adults. Brian has developed
banners for schools and organizations to use as a tool for everyday exposure to over 300 career options. Brian facilitate workshops
with a focus on career idea development from entrepreneurship to securing a occupation as an employee. Brian have been exposed
to several hundred different types of companies with his background in business development, industrial/manufacturing sales,
engineering, entrepreneurship and motivational speaking. Brian will create a custom workshop for your organization and needs.

(2) Youth Development
Brian offers various youth workshops with a primary focus on teenagers who are middle school or high school age that are in school or
who have dropped out of school. Common topics: responsible manhood, developing into a successful woman, emerging leaders,
college prep, career prep, life after high school, preparing for high school, character development, crime prevention, STEM, self
accountability, personal purpose, being a scholar athlete, the importance of reading, the importance of learning, and more.

(3) Crime Prevention
Brian offers offender workshops as an option for local court systems and various organizations to refer a youth or adult offender as an
option to help alter a persons life from criminal choices to moral responsibility. Please see crime prevention page.

(4) College Life & Employment Readiness
Freshman workshops, upperclassmen workshops, engineering and technology employment readiness workshops, resume
development workshops, job searching tools, interview tips, student athlete workshops, male only development workshops and more.

(5) Community & Neighborhood Association
Brian will customize workshops for the immediate needs of your community. Here are some common topics and focus groups: teen
based workshops, young adult workshops, adult only workshops, female only, male only, life after high school, college prep, career
preparation for youth, career preparation and employment readiness for adults, the importance of mentoring, the value of community
colleges, personal branding, dressing for success, the importance of reading, developing your communication skills, crime prevention -
offender workshops, responsible manhood for youth and adults, successful woman workshops for youth and adults, and more.

Other Common Topics:
Self Accountability and Choice: Every student must understand that they are responsible for their best future. A lot of students think that
adulthood is an infinity away when it is right around the corner. Our youth need to understand that they are young enough to make mistakes but
they are old enough to make mistakes that will affect them for the rest of their life. This topic will focus heavily on the importance of every choice
and the positive or negative consequences that may follow. We must connect our youth to the real life consequences for every choice they make
or don’t make.

Personal Branding: We live in a world where stereotypes are formed  We live in a world where stereotypes are formed personal branding.
Students need to understand
Personal the power of social the power of social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Google +, media such as
Facebook, Linkedin, Google +, Twitter, Wordpress, personal website, resume and more. Outside of social media, students need to understand the
importance of self appearance and self promotion.

African American History (great for Black History Programs): If I had to pick a favorite past time it would have to be reading about Black
History. I love African American History and I would love to share what I have learned with adults or youth in your audience.

And Many More: I will consult with the event organizer to determine the most appropriate speech topics. (other potential topics include Life After
High School, Life After College -
Balanced Recreation - Mistakes - Laziness - Excellence - Self Esteem - Discipline - Goals - Overcoming
 - Poverty Prevention - Drugs - Community - Success - Respect - Homework - Scholarships - Purpose - Careers - Weaknesses -
Strengths -
Reading - Morals- Dropping Out - Teen Pregnancy - Peer Pressure - - Helping Others - Failure - Honor Roll -  Skipping Class -
Gangs - Street Life - Family - Legacy -  Math - Speaking Skills - African American History - Science - Health - Practice - Parents - Preparation -
Future -
Leadership -  Job - Motivation - Drive - Knowledge - Ignorance - Habits - Competition - Money - Sleep - Exercise - Settling -
Procrastination - Envy - and more)
Brian Rice speaks to African American youth in  
Laurel, Mississippi on becoming great and
becoming top students. Brian passionately pushes
students to be their absolute best.
Brian speaks directly to young African American
males in this video clip about walking into their
purpose, chasing their dreams, being above
average, being responsible men, and developing
into great men.
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Morning Show Family Reunion.
(1)The Dreams to Reality panel for teens
(2) The Bullying panel for teens
(3) Career Seminar for adults & youth
Brian speaks to teenage males at Center Point
High School near Birmingham Alabama about
connecting to their future, self responsibility, self
accountability, walking into their purpose, and being
responsible men.
Brian K. Rice speaks to over 400 Black teenage
males at Parker High School in Birmingham, AL.
Brian speaks on self sabotage, self confidence,
responsible manhood, career preparedness,
college prep, and the importance of education.