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(1) Employment Readiness and Career Planning Workshops (Workforce Development): live resume reviews, resume tips, interview tips, job searching tools, the value of community colleges and certifications, the importance of soft skills, using Linkedin, job drug testing policies, career fair tips, the importance of attire, the importance of going to national conferences and career fairs, going back to school, personal branding, dressing for success, developing your communication skills, social media pros and cons, men only development workshops and more.

(2) Parent Engagement Workshops: This workshop has been designed specifically to address the importance of connecting your child to a successful vision of themselves

  • Section 1: (20-45 mins) Parent’s Lead by Example, Parent’s Teach, Parent’s Value Education

  • Section 2: (20-45 mins) Career Preparation, College Preparation, and Employment Readiness

  • Section 3: (20-45 mins) Values that must be developed and reinforced into our youth

(3) Professional Development and Teacher Motivational Workshop: “From the initial dream of teaching to the countless lives changed”

  • This workshop has been designed specifically to: encourage teachers, address key topics for inner city students and to re-emphasize the importance of teachers. This session will cover the following topics: Strategies for building up confidence, self esteem, motivation, work ethic (2) strategies for building character development in your students, (3) Destroying myths for inner city and at risk students (4) The importance of connecting the curriculum to the life of your students (3) Managing teacher burnout (4) Self and group motivation for all teachers

  • 30 min - 4 hour presentations

(4) Community and  Neighborhood Association Forums: Brian will customize workshops for the immediate needs of your community. Here are some common topics and focus groups: men only leadership sessions, responsible manhood for youth and adults, young adult workshops, adult only workshops, employment readiness and career planning workshop, going back to school or college, getting your GED, the importance of mentoring, the importance of continued self development, the importance of reading as an adult, crime prevention - offender workshops and more.

(5) Ex-Offender Workshops: Brian offers offender workshops as an option for local court systems and various organizations to refer a youth or adult offender as an option to help alter a persons life from criminal choices to moral responsibility.

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