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  1. Kirbyjon Caldwell: "There comes a point in your life where you are too old to be dating someone that does not have marriage potential" (if you get used to dating slop, then slop is what you become accustomed too and you will not even appreciate a good steak if it was cooked to perfection. Fornicators accept fornicators. Alcoholics accept alcoholics. Slop accepts slop. Beware of what you are accustomed to.)

  2. Cullen Hightower: “Love is what is left of a relationship after all the selfishness has been removed”

  3. Rhonnie Jennings said: "A woman would be so much better off if she could distinguish the difference between a man that flatters her & a man that compliments her... A man that spends money on her & a man that invests in her... A man that views her as property & a man that views her properly... A man that lusts after her & a man that loves her... A man that believes that he is God's gift to women & a man that REMEMBERS a woman was God's gift to man

  4. Brian K. Rice: I admire my friend. Instead of waiting until the last few moments like most who seek marriage counseling who have already started the hard to stop train of committing to a venue, family, friends, honeymoon, etc… he & his best friend have removed those distractions & are growing their relationship through counseling before the engagement. Many spend more time planning for the wedding than they do the marriage. (He told me that he want to be as prepared as he can be, He said he doesn't want to be another statistic. He proposed this idea to his friend so they can develop spiritually and personally together. He said, he has never been there and he don't want to play with this thing called marriage.)

  5. Brian K. Rice: "Never love someone who will not love you back" (Be careful, whatever you give you should receive in a relationship, two people need to be willing to compromise, submit, and sacrifice less important items for each other’s overall happiness. If one is willing to make the other person happy and the other isn't, then selfishness will self destruct the relationship.)

  6. Mohandas Gandhi "The real ornament of a woman is her character, her purity." (Brian K. Rice: Man I love it when a woman carries herself with admirable class. She does not have to be over dressed or full of makeup and her hair could be put up in a pony tail. As a man you can just sense something more. It is amazing how some women can demand such attention without the extra effort. The extra effort is usually for other women and not men.)

  7. Why is it that the majority of singles think and talk about relationships all of the time. Life is so much bigger. 1st Cor 7:32-34 NLT "(32) an unmarried man can spend his time doing the Lord's work... (33) But a married man can't do that as well... (34)His interests are divided" (Determine your mission like Nehemiah and complete your wall. What are you inspired to accomplish that will affect someone else? Complete your wall and read your word) by Brian K. Rice

  8. JC Moore "People throw away free stuff because they do not value it and we have been giving away, free male & female treats for too long" (Brian K. Rice: women hold the power & if you make the man wait on the wedding band you will create a true friendship & relationship. A good man recognizes a Proverbs 31 woman)

  9. "you, your God and your future wife or husband is worth you waiting" (celibacy is tough but achievable. I believe a tip of the trade is to learn not to flirt and to avoid people who like to flirt. by Brian K. Rice

  10. "You can't let temptation rule you, you have to rule you" (If you are tempted to cross the line FLEE. Your desires will cause you to lose everything you have worked for if you are not in control. (Read Proverbs 5 in its entirety) Singles, I challenge you to live a celibate life & watch your spirit grow as you wait for your reward. I double dawg dare you) by Brian K. Rice

  11. Relationship dreams: "I just want to hold you close but so far all I have are dreams of being together" (It is better to dream than to force yourself into the harsh reality of choosing the wrong person. There are many singles that need to show a lot of patience in this matter & quit forcing the square peg into the round peg. Pay attention to the signs. Can BOTH of you imagine being with each other for 5, 15, 30 yrs?) ~by Brian K. Rice

  12. "When it comes to relationships, if there is not a genuine connection for both people and a willingness for both people to give a reasonable effort and sacrifice a little bit of them for the other, then it is time to move on. You can't force people to like, love or care for you regardless of how hard you try. I will be ring less forever before I ignore certain principles. Show me some effort and unselfishness" by Brian K. Rice

  13. Gwendolyn Brooks revised by Brian K. Rice: "When you love a person, they become more than a body. Their physical limbs expand & their outline recedes & vanishes. They are rich & sweet & right. They are the world, the atmosphere, the blue sky & the blue water" (today’s quote is for the romantics, If you are single remember that love for yourself is more important than loving someone, if it's meant to be, your day will come)

  14. Thomas Jefferson: "Do not bite the bait of pleasure until you know there is no hook beneath it" (before you move forward do as much research as you can whether it is a business proposition or a relationship. Collect your data, do your investigation. Someone once told me that the purpose of DATing is to collect DATA.)

  15. Brian K. Rice: "Don't waste your love on someone you like" (too many people create there own recipe for disaster as they rush into what should be lifelong commitments when they decide to marry someone that they had to convince themselves they loved. Protect your emotions. Be Cautious. This is a very serious matter.)

  16. Brian K. Rice: "If you find a person who is worth your tears, they will not make you cry" (Many people avoid opening up and taking a chance because they are scared they will get hurt. I say, the worse that may happen is a tear or two. People forget sometimes, that if you never tried then you will never know. We have all lost a lot of something and most of have bounced right back.)

  17. Brian K. Rice: "If Your Partner Can't Give You Goosebumps Now Then They Wont Be Able To Give You Goosebumps When You Marry." (Maybe true flattery has been loss or it is just a fairy tale. I don't know if you have ever experienced goosebumps but it is possible for another person to light your day up when they walk in the room & chill bumps scale your body in the mist of conversation or the holding of hands.)

  18. Aaliyah: "Some people come into our lives & quickly go. Some people stay for awhile & leave Footprints on our hearts & we are never the same." (Brian K. Rice: this person could be a mentor, parent, friend, significant other, ex-friend or an associate. One person that passed through inspired me to write, to open my first business & to work harder. You may not know why but there is a reason for everyone in your life.)

  19. John Steinbeck "Love cannot be bought except with love" (Brian K Rice: Who said you can't buy love? Sometimes you just have to use another form of payment. Are you willing to put up your love as your best form of payment? Are you willing to let someone else put in their highest bid? Are you accepting payments? There are a lot of people who put their best forward & the other person doesn't realize until it's too late)

  20. Al Batt: "You can rehearse a wedding, but you can't rehearse a marriage" (Brian K. Rice: People try all the time with there shacking up & trying before they buy. I am not sure if you would want to rehearse a marriage because there is a lot of stuff that scares strong married couples, but they are committed unlike you before marriage. In the end, it takes true commitment, real communication, reasonable compromise...)

  21. Brian K. Rice relationship thought: "You can't just be with anyone and risk a lifetime of loneliness" (In my readings today of 1st Cor. Ch 7, it has been a reminder that if you can control your lust, then it is better to remain single so you can devote more to the Lord. Towards the end of 1st Cor. Ch 7 in verse 38, it says, "So the person who marries does well, and the person who doesn't does even better")

  22. let me tell you about my friend, 80 year grandparents. I asked her if married people still date and court each other and she told me that her grandparents still get dressed up in their fancy clothes in separate rooms and sometimes her grandfather leaves and comes back just so he can ring the doorbell and pick his date up. (That's Real Genuine Love)

  23. Brian K. Rice: Real Talk: Ladies, if you can imagine everything about your wedding but you have trouble imagining your current boyfriend in the wedding, then you probably need to cut your ties before you waste a lot more time and you eventually walk down the isle to divorce. (Too many people marry habits & they make it a habit to be around a person that is not good for them longterm & they can't break it like a cigarette addiction)

  24. Brian K. Rice think about this for a second, if a takes a person many years to decide to marry a person, most likely they had a bunch of reasons of why they did not marry them earlier. Do you think those reasons went away just because they married?

  25. Devon Wordlaw: "Any brother can love 1000 girls, but it takes a gentleman to love "1" woman 1000 ways." (Brian K. Rice: I truly believe one great woman is better than a million women. Asking a person to love you a 1000 different ways sounds great on paper so, I am asking you to find one great person and love them one way, the right way.)

  26. Brian K. Rice: "I want to know what makes you smile, so I can fill in the gaps. I want to know what makes you cringe so I can avoid it. I want to know your dreams, so I can help make them come true. I want to know how to encourage you & lift you up, so I can make your days better. I truly believe if people thought about their mate in this way, relationships would go much further. Maybe, it's just a dream of mind"

  27. Brian K. Rice: "I Believe Loneliness Can Be A Gift To You, especially when you are able to channel the energy & emotions & thoughts into something more constructive than allowing the energy & emotions & thoughts to pull you down. The gift of loneliness can be a constructive part of your life where you are building on you & replacing actions so you can prepare for the many possibilities of your future."

  28. Zora Neale Hurston: "Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place." (Brian K. Rice: Love will hide from you like a diamond in the rough but when it is revealed, the power of Love can transform everything about you. It does not matter if it's love for someone else, love for yourself, love for change, love for purpose, love for God, love for success, love for helping others, etc... Search & Discover the love in you)

  29. Nikki Giovanni: "Don't want to be near you for the thoughts we share but the words we never have to speak." (There is nothing like finding that person where silence is just as pleasurable as laughter. When two people are content with each other’s presence that does not involve any activities or words, there is something special going on. Matter of fact one can be sleep while the other is watching TV. ~by Brian K. Rice)

  30. "it’s a new year; we need to change some made up laws." For Ex: (1) My friend likes you so I can't talk to you. (2) You tried to talk to my friend first, even though your friend was already in a relationship. (3) You and my friend dated so we can’t talk even though it went nowhere. Women can't... Men must... Add some other made up laws to your list. ~ by Brian K. Rice

  31. "People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges." by L. Rogers (Both men and women create walls and most of the time it is something minor but they make it major, sometimes it is over protection or fear. There will come a time when you will have to let them down or stay right where you are. I am not saying be a fool but you need to learn how to open up. ~by Brian K. Rice)

  32. Aristotle Quote, born 384 BC- died 322 BC: "Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." (I believe all too often there are two people whose idea for love oppose each other, thus creating a conflict of interest. It takes two people to be on the same agenda and especially in a relationship. Please for you, open the lines of communication ~by Brian K. Rice)

  33. "People Are Looking For Sex Without Love, Love Without Marriage, And Marriage Without Responsibility. Love is not buying gifts but you being a gift. People have confused sex with love. Love is a spiritual act and not a technical experience like making love." by Dr. M. Munroe (and why do people think they will honor marriage if they don't honor their relationships and spiritual responsibilities before marriage ~by Brian K. Rice)

  34. "Love yourself enough to walk away" (Too many men and women stay in verbal and physically abusive relationships. If he will hit you once, he will hit you twice. It is not safe to stay. Please fix your problems before you decide to get in another relationship. It amazes me that people stay after repeat offenses. ~by Brian K. Rice

  35. "Be what kind of person you want to attract" (I hear people saying they want a person that is a good listener, in shape, has God first, got nice teeth, a leader, independent, who likes to have fun, clean, organized, financially secure, loyal, honest, romantic etc... Too often I hear people requesting what they need to change about themselves. If you want a thug, be a thug, If you want someone in shape, be one.) ~by Brian K. Rice

  36. "Don't let anyone make you feel inferior & don't worry about what others may think of you. Take pride in you." (I am convinced that many women [not all] are insecure with who they are. I was talking to a friend yesterday & he mentioned to me that his beautiful girlfriend does not think she is attractive. Sister don't let anyone tell you otherwise. We are all created perfectly in His image. This is bigger than LOOKS) ~by Brian K. Rice

  37. "Beware of judging people by their outward appearance" (1:learn to treat all with respect because you never know, one of my mentors is one of those who doesn't look the part & he is worth millions of dollars. 2:Don't be impressed by the extra accessories, take your time and get to know people because a lot of people can fake the part. 3:And for those who believe they need extra stuff to please people, you don't)

  38. "if you want to meet new people, you have to go by yourself sometimes." (Wherever you live, take advantage of the opportunity to meet people through different social and volunteer organizations in your city and do not worry about the fear of going by yourself. I understand that women fear this more than men, I am not saying go to some back alley by yourself, but start by picking reputable groups and you will be ok.) by Brian K. Rice

  39. "Submitting to your husband allows the man to be the leader and within every good leader is a servant who will submit to you as well." (Men & Women too often misinterpret the idea of being submissive. This word does not give the man power to be a slave master and respect women less. It takes two people willfully submitting to each other out of honor & respect to make the relationship work. By Brian K. Rice

  40. "Only a strong man can handle the weight of a real woman" by M. Munroe (too often in the black community, girls are being trained with purpose to be all they can be and the boys are training themselves & when the...y become of age they are not on the same level when it comes to spirituality, finances, social skills and family values. "In too many instances black men are not the black leaders anymore." Black men it is not ok, just to get by anymore and get your medals of honor from sleeping around, it is time to put all B.S. aside and step up and become the leader again.) OK, I am reading a book titled 'Understanding the Purpose and Power of Men' by M. Munroe and I wanted to elaborate on what I believe.

  41. I Want to Die While You Love Me by Georgia Douglas Johnson: 1922ish ...I want to die while you love me, And bear to that still bed... To warm me when I’
    m dead; I want to die while you love me. Oh, who would care to live, Till love has nothing more to ask, And nothing more to give?; I want to die while you love me, And never, never see, The glory of this perfect day, Grow dim or cease to be!

  42. ‎ Forever My Lady: "...So you're having my baby, And it means so much to me. There's nothing more precious, THAN TO RAISE A FAMILY. If there's any doubt in your mind, You can count on me. I'll never let you down. Lady, believe in me. You and I, Will never fall apart. You and I, We knew right from the start... The day, We fell so far in love. Now our baby is born, healthy and strong. Now our dreams are reality..."

  43. "Can You Stand the Rain": On a perfect day, I know that I can count on you; When that's not possible, Tell me, can you weather the storm; Cause I need somebody who will stand by me, Through the good times and bad times... Sunny days, everybody loves them; Tell me, Can you stand the rain; Storms will come, This we know for sure; Can you stand the rain...

  44. For You I Will by Monica: When you feel your world just ain't right; Call on me, I will be waiting; Count on me, I will be there; Anytime the times get too tough; Anytime your best ain't enough; I'll be the one to make it better; I'll be there to protect you, see you through; I'll be there, and there is nothing, I won't do... If there is a mountain to move I will move that mountain for you

  45. Sam Keen: "You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly."

  46. Regina Ontiveroz: Did you accept the first YES? (Brian K. Rice: Did you accept the first person that asked you to marry you? Did you accept the first house you liked? Did you accept the first job that was presented to you? Did you accept the first group of friends you met? Did you accept the first… Did you accept the RIGHT YES?)

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