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  1. Brian K. Rice (B'day): Today, July 1st has been a great day for the last full day of the 1st half of the year. You can't go back and change what you did in the first half of the year. Quit wasting time. Remove your distractions. Get the job done. Keep preparing. Set your goals if you have not already and go after them. Make sure you make significant progress towards your goals in the 2nd half of the year.

  2. Brian K. Rice: "So many people are trapped in unhappiness, depression, addiction, anger, and/or apathy: because they settle, because of low self-
    esteem, because they lack faith, because they lack motivation, because they accept a future they do not like, because they accept a career or relationship that is not best for them, and because they live without a connection to purpose."

  3. Dale Carnegie: "Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday." (Brian K. Rice: When it is all said and done, you really had nothing to ever worry about. Congratulations, NOW you are ready for the next challenge.)

  4. Ann Landers: “Hanging onto resentment is letting someone you despise live rent-free in your head.” (Brian K. Rice: let it go, that person "ain't" worth it. That "ain't" probably should be in bold and all caps. )

  5. Dr. Seuss: “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” (Brian K. Rice: It is easy to get sad & depressed when someone close to us departs us. I am with Dr. Seuss on this & I believe we need to smile because it happened. A lot of people never get the opportunity to experience true friends, true love, great mentors, siblings, father, mother, children, or extended family. Smile because it happened.)

  6. Brian K. Rice: "Discipline is doing the things you do not want to do but need to do." (Some of us don't want to exercise or eat right. Some of us don't want to live morally all the time? Some of us don't want to do the work required to reach the goal. Some of us don't want to practice. If you want what is rightfully yours to receive then you are going to need to discipline yourself for your big picture.)

  7. Brian K. Rice: At what point, do you say, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. At what point do you wake up and say, I am going to stop what I'm doing so I get to the next level in my life? At what point, do you get serious about discipline? At what point do you get serious about focus and purpose? At what point do you tell your friends and associates, ENOUGH?--- NOW!!! Not tomorrow, Not next week, Not new years but NOW!

  8. D Ivan Young"Never allow a fool to bring out the fool in you. Don't take the bait." (Allowing someone to tempt you into engaging in an argument, fight, gossip or mess has two outcomes, wasted time & needless stress.)

  9. Lonnie Mathews (paraphrased) One day a young man asked the Guru which way should I go to success. The Guru pointed in a single direction. The young man said OK, cool and then he went on his way and all of a sudden there was a loud "SPLAT". The young man was now all bruised up and went back to the Guru to ask him what direction he should go to reach success. The Guru pointing him in the same direction, the young man followed the direction of the Guru again and there was another loud "SPLAT" and this time the young man was all bruised up and bleeding and frustrated and he asked the Guru again and the Guru pointed him in the same direction. The young man said HOLD UP!, I have gone that way before and each time there was a loud "SPLAT". The Guru thought for a moment and then said "success is in the direction I sent you, it is just on the other side of the SPLAT." Are you willing to go beyond the SPLAT? Beyond the pain, beyond the test-- (Brian K. Rice: Friends it is time to go beyond the test, beyond the trial, and beyond where you stopped last time. It is time for each of us to go after our own idea of success.)

  10. Audrey Hepburn: "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible"!"

  11. Brian K. Rice: I've gone 2 days without reading and I can feel the difference in what is on my mind. Today, I will read. Today, I will grow. Today, I will learn.

  12. Brian K. Rice "Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great." by Mark Twain (beware of your company, all friends are not made equal, so pick them well)

  13. “Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream.” by  M. Muggeridge  (I believe a lot of people need to step away from those around them more often and truly meditate on what they need to do for their forward progress. There is nothing wrong with me time. ~By Brian K. Rice)

  14. In the dim background of our mind, we know what we ought to be doing, but somehow we cannot start. Every moment, we expect the spell to break, but it continues, pulse after pulse... (by William James)

  15. "Most barriers to your success are manmade. And most often, you are the man who made them." (by Frank Tyger)

  16. "Never mind what others do; do better than yourself, beat your own record from day to day" By William J.H. Boetcker

  17. "Fight! Be somebody! If you have lost the confidence in yourself, make believe you are somebody else, somebody that’s got brains, and act like them" (by Sol Hess)

  18. If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. by Marcus Garvey

  19. "I learned about strength. I learned to keep going, even in bad times. I learned not to despair, even when my world was falling apart. I learned that there are no free lunches. And I learned the value of hard work." by Lee Lacocca (nothing is given away for free, it is given to those who work hard, pray hard, and study hard. REACH FOR YOUR STARS my brother, my sister)

  20. "Stress is like the devil, if you let it win you lose" (some things you just can't control, so there is no need to worry, there is no need to try and change what you can't change, prepare your mind with positive thinking, exercise your mind & body. (Stress may show up in relationships, divorce, job loss, pleasing other people, finances, worry over what may happen. Stay in control, Smile on your bad days) by Brian K. Rice

  21. Brian K. Rice "Just Keep Pushing; you don't want to go to work-Just Push, don't want to workout-Just Push, don't want to study-Just Push, want to give up-
    Just Push, stressed and depressed-Just Push" (Everyday is a challenge to accomplish what we need to because it is so easy to do nothing. Today I went jogging and I did not want to start nor did I want to finish but I had to Push to keep going and that is what we have to do in life.)

  22. "It’s not too late, YET. You can turn back. You can change your path. You can and He can" ~by Brian K. Rice

  23. "There are some things one can only achieve by a deliberate leap in the opposite direction & one has to go abroad in order to find the home one has lost" by F. Kafka (my thoughts: Sometimes you have to go a completely different direction than everyone else & in order to find the best approach or an answer for something, a person needs to leave home to get different perspectives for their personal growth ~by Brian K. Rice )

  24. Alexander Graham Bell: "We often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the ones open for us." (Bell may be the first one quoted for saying "when one door closes another one opens." I believe people who look at their situation and complain or become disappointed over what could have happen are heading down the wrong path. Don't worry about what you can't change ~ by Brian K. Rice)

  25. "I really don't think life is about the I-could-have-beens. Life is only about the I-tried-to-do. I don't mind the failure but I can't imagine that I'd forgive myself if I didn't try." by Nikki Giovanni (Don't be a statistic of your own actions, I wish, I could, but I did not ~by Brian K. Rice)

  26. "Sometimes I wonder if my dreams are too big, then I realize who the dream giver is, and I come back to reality and realize that no dream is too big for those that believe" (our biggest challenge in life is believing in ourselves, facing reality, reaching for what we can't see, & then grabbing hold of our inner determination to fight when we are tired of fighting) ~by Brian K. Rice

  27. Morgan Freeman: "I always tell my kids if you lay down, people will step over you. But if you keep scrambling, if you keep going, someone will always, always give you a hand. But you gotta keep dancing, you gotta keep your feet moving." (How many of you are laying down, sitting still, & waiting for a break through, when you should be making strides in the direction you want to go ~by Brian K. Rice)

  28. Modified Pearl Berry quote: "A man without ambition is dead. A man with ambition but no love is dead. A man with ambition and love... is always alive."  (You can't tell me that I am not going to make it, because I believe it, I see it, I feel, I taste it, I smell it, I hear it and I am going to work my butt off until I get there and that is what my book is about 'Prepare For Your Success'. It is encouragement for you by Brian K. Rice)

  29. Brian K. Rice: If your mind can dream it, then you can achieve it." (I believe a lot of people never go after what they really want because of fear of failure. Don't be afraid of that 7 letter word, it can be your best your teacher. It is time to change your outcome. )

  30. Maya Angelou: "Don't you take it awful hard Cause I laugh like I've got gold mines Diggin in my own back yard. You may shoot me with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still, like air, I'll rise." (You are in control of you feel and how you see yourself ~by Brian K. Rice)

  31. Brian K. Rice: "Your mountains & valleys add character to your journey that otherwise would just be a really long walk" (Sometimes there are days that don't seem like they will end. Your valley & your mountain is only temporary. Be thankful for the challenge, pull out your critical thinking skills, push yourself when you get tired & in no time you will be on your level plain. Don't get discouraged. See it through.)

  32. Richard M. Nixon: "A man is not finished when he is defeated. He is defeated when he quits" (Brian K. Rice: Hang in there, you may succeed with one more blow. Stick it out, you are building good character and don't forget that someone is depending on you whether you know it or not.

  33. Brian K. Rice: "You must do what you must in spite of obstacles" (Jump over, step over, go around, go through, go under and most importantly just keep going. We all have our own challenges and we all have to figure out ways to overcome them. The first step is overcoming the negative thoughts that come up through OTHERS and through YOU.)

  34. Brian K. Rice inspired by Robert Strauss: "Life is like wrestling a gorilla. You don't quit when you are tired, and you don't quit when the gorilla is tired, you quit when you have defeated the gorilla." (Brian K. Rice: I don't care what type of gorilla you are wrestling, you can win. Use your smarts, use your will, use your friends, use your family, use your God, use whatever is available to you)

  35. Brian K. Rice: "Discouragement, shake it off. Disappointment, sweep it away. Purpose, internalize it. Focus, tunnel it. Faith, believe in it. Give up, you can't. Stress, overcome it. Pessimism, ignore it." (We all go through challenges & sometimes we just need a little push & a little encouragement to keep going. I have seen people who let their circumstances get the best of them. Don't let it happen to you.)

  36. Frederick Douglas: "The soul that is within me no man can degrade." (Brian K. Rice: Talk about me, I am still strong. Mistreat me and I grow from it. Curse me and I rebuke you. Hold me down and I break free. Walk over me, my bruises will heal. Whip me and I stand tall. Trip me and I get up. You have somewhere to go and no one should stop you from getting their physically or mentally.)

  37. Unknown Author: "sometimes you can't wait for the storm or the rain to stop, sometimes you have to learn how to dance in the storm or the rain" (Brian K. Rice your joy and your goals should not cease because of the storms in your life)

  38. Brian K. Rice: "Sometimes I am scared to continue trying as I see the possibilities of failure increasing & then I contemplate about turning around & then I think of the many encouraging poems, quotes, bible verses & stories, and thoughts people have shared and then I realize I am more scared of not taking a chance & accepting the failure of contentment when I ultimately want more. BELIEVE AND PERSEVERE"

  39. Stanley Crouch: "If you're going to get in the ring and try to take the belt, you have to prepare to get hit." (Brian K. Rice: If you are not getting hit by any tough punches then you are probably in the wrong ring and fighting something insignificant. Don't be afraid to challenge your limitations. There will be some frustrating days but if you are meant to have something greater it will be worth fight.)

  40. J Baldwin: "Those who say it cannot be done are usually interrupted by those doing it."

  41. (Brian K Rice: I love the haters. They should inspire you to be greater. Hate on, haters. I have something to do & you have something to do & no person, no amount negativity, no amount of prejudice, no amount of hate, no amount of failure should stop you from doing what you have to do; that is called purpose with determination)

  42. Patrick Graham: "Someone’s mile is another person’s marathon" (Brian K. Rice: What may come easy to you may be a journey for someone else. Don't look down on others for struggling, encourage them. It is amazing how some people may receive a huge blessing & are not thankful & then others may receive a tiny blessing & are overly excited & very thankful. You just don't know what people have gone through.)

  43. Brian K. Rice: "Don't let worry or fear become your biggest giants. Don't worry about what you can't control. Do your best to control what you can and then step away mentally. Fear traps too many people. Fear of trying something new. Fear of taking a chance. Fear of failure. What is there to really fear? If you fail, get back up. Build up your mental strength and fight back. Don't give fear or worry that much power."

  44. Dale Carnegie: "Most of the important things in this world have been accomplished by people who have kept trying when there seemed to be no hope at all" (Brian K. Rice: You have to be persistent. You can't turn back because the person before you failed. Give it another try. And don't forget to encourage others who may have lost their hope.)

  45. Henrietta Mears: "It is difficult to steer a parked car, so get moving" (Brian K. Rice: Oh, MAYBE you are just resting or MAYBE you are waiting on someone else or MAYBE you just have not decided where you want to go or MAYBE its just good old procrastination. Get moving future entrepreneur, get moving future department head, get moving for yourself, get moving for your family, get moving for your future family)

  46. Eileen Caddy: "Dwell not on the past, use it to illustrate a point and then leave it behind" (Brian K. Rice: Too often people allow their past which they cannot change take them into ugly depressions. We have all made our mistakes so don't make another mistake by dwelling on yesterday. Life happens & some of it we will not like. Control what you can, learn from the past, live for today, seize the day, Carpe Diem.)

  47. Abeni El-Amin: "Life is difficult and frustrating at times when you know you are great and the world does not know it yet" (Brian K. Rice: keep working towards your dream, keep making progress, keep practicing, keep prepping for your big day, your day will come, HE is working on you still. When those doors fly open you will be more than ready to receive the blessing)

  48. Brian Peay: "You do not use all your strength until you use the strength of your friends" (Brian K. Rice: All your friends or people you call your friends are not going to be there to help you but there are that faithful few that will make you as strong as multiple men. Use all your strength to conquer your obstacles"

  49. Brian K. Rice: Are you the grasshopper or the giant? (Too often we see a challenge and we become overwhelmed and we make it appear larger than it needs to be. Become the giant. Become the giant. Become the giant. Don't be scared to think big about yourself. Do not let others belittle you by thinking for you.)

  50. Jennifer Yane: "I try to take life one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once" (Brian K. Rice: You may be living in the moment when your thoughts drift into the future & those thoughts sometimes bring back possibilities we do not want to see. Stress attacks all of us & it is usually tied to some future event that has not taken place yet. Get ready, work your plan or let the future work you.")

  51. Brian K. Rice: "Staying down is not an option, that is where failure lies. Getting up and trying again is the true test even if the focus is different."

  52. Derrick Strickland: "You can't afford to give in" (Brian K. Rice: The other day me and one of my great friends were discussing how to conquer life's challenges and especially life's disappointments. You can't let stress take you over. You can give in to worrying. You have to remain determined. When life's battles seem overwhelming, you just can't give in.)

  53. Brian K. Rice: "When you are fighting big battles in your life especially shameful ones and you finally win and you have just stepped away from a negative world that has consumed you for any period of time, it is not about where you have been and what you have done; it is more important to focus on who you are, who you will become and what you need to do" (topic inspired from a female ex-prostitute turned activist)

  54. Brian K. Rice: "In Every Triumph, In Every Key Victory, In Every Major Accomplishment there is a lot of trying"

  55. Anderson Thompson: "Cockroaches survive, men and women develop, but you often hear people saying, "I'm just trying to make it, to hang in there" (Brian K. Rice: If you catch yourself just surviving and not developing, you need to re-evaluate what you are doing with your life. If you catch yourself repeating meaningless task, day in and day out, you need to re-evaluate. You may be, just wasting away.)

  56. Last Castle Script: "When you're tortured, the first thing they do is try to break down your sense of self" (Brian K. Rice: I don't care how tough life may get, don't ever lose your sense of self, your sense of who you are. Do not let your mind fall. If there is something you want, try until you can't try anymore. Yea, you are going to want to quit, but if you believe you are closer today than yesterday, then don't)

  57. Brian K. Rice: "Sometimes we have to change everything. Sometimes we have to let go of the load of our comfort zone. Sometimes we have to step into our fears & break down those false walls." (Please, don't let fears hold you back from trying. Please, don't get too comfortable with your daily life & your situation, there is always more to do and more people to help & for many people there is a bigger purpose in you.)

  58. Brian K. Rice: "There is nothing like having someone around you that supports you and encourages you and pushes you toward your own goals and when you receive this treatment make sure you return the favor to others" (This goes for the mate especially, the friends, the teammates and the associates.)

  59. Brian K. Rice: "Don't be scared to believe in yourself. A lot of people underestimate themselves." (If you need to put yourself around more positive people to encourage you, then do it. If you need to read more motivational books, then do it. If you need to read the bible more, then do it. Do whatever you need to do so you never lose the belief you have in yourself)

  60. Brian K. Rice never stop believing in you

  61. Brian K. Rice: "I am still chasing dreams. I feel like a kid with a super big dream and an adult who can persist to make them come true. I feel like my breakthrough is coming soon." (You have to continue to believe and you have to continue to push)

  62. Brian K. Rice: Don’t have abortion on your dreams. Defy the odds. Don’t give up just yet. Poverty is not an excuse, just an obstacle. Being fatherless is not an excuse, just an obstacle. Being a minority is not an excuse, just an obstacle. Being ________ is not an excuse, just an obstacle.

  63. "some of us are behind and in order to catch up you must run faster. You have to learn how to do more with less time, less resources, less mentors, less experience and so on. You have to figure out how. Whatever you do, do not give up trying" Brian K Rice

  64. Barack Obama: "It is time to look inward when it comes to our own biases"

  65. Brian K. Rice: "Don't focus on the negatives so much, focus on the how" I believe too many people have loss their own imagination to create new things & new ways. Too often people allow their imagination to focus only on what can go wrong versus what can go right. Focus on the 'how' & provide solutions for the negative thoughts. People too often follow the status quo & they ignore their own imagination &

  66. Brian K. Rice: "Take ownership of your concerns." (It is so easy to walk away and disassociate yourself from concerns you have about others repeating mistakes you have made or seen others make. Take ownership of your concerns and step in and be insight for someone else. Take ownership of your concerns of the future by preparing a plan and working your plan. Take ownership over any worries you have.)

  67. Rienhold Niebuhr: "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." (Brian K. Rice: Many of us get stuck on what we cannot change and few of us step forward with enough courage to change the things we can. With patience and persistence we can change the worst of situations and create the best of situations.)

  68. Brian Peay: "There is nothing to gain from focusing on what shoulda, woulda, or coulda been. Focus on embracing the needed change until the discomfort is diminished." (Brian K. Rice: Move pass your past and embrace what is to come. Whenever needed change comes about, there will be some level of discomfort that comes along. Embrace the change if you want to open up a new door to opportunity.)

  69. Brian K. Rice: "learn how to use negative thoughts from others for positive energy” you can't, you will not, you are not good enough, you are not capable, you never will amount to nothing..." (become determined more than ever to defy the odds and step beyond belief of some to show others that if you believe it, then you can achieve it)

  70. Brian Peay: "At the core of change no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient there is substance" (Brian K. Rice: Don't fight change, embrace it. With change comes growth. With change comes a new beginning. Without change you remain stagnant. Without change you are stuck where you are in life and you will be beaten by your competition for whatever you want.)

  71. Preston Bradley: "I don't care how much a man may consider himself a failure, I believe in him, for he can change the thing that is wrong in his lifetime anytime he is prepared and ready to do it. Whenever he develops the desire, he can take away from his life the thing that is defeating it. The capacity for reformation and change lies within." (Brian K. Rice: Don't give up trying to encourage those who are down)

  72. John Hawkins: "It doesn't take a lot, it's your responsibility to figure out what it takes & get it moving forward" (Brian K. Rice: I plead with you to sit down and evaluate where you are going. Understand the problem, gather your core team, develop your vision, define the need for urgency, motivate your team and your potential supporters, take action, evaluate the results) [this is the scientific method to success]

  73. Don Zimmer: "What you lack in talent can be made up in desire and hustle" (Brian K. Rice: Many of us don't fit the cookie cutter mold but with hard work, persistence, determination and being a student of the subject area, you can do just about anything if you go after your desire with all you have. Don't expect anyone to give you anything until you deserve it.)

  74. Mike Todd: "I've never been poor only broke. Being poor is a frame of mind. Being broke is temporary." (Brian K. Rice: I have been broke on multiple occasions risking for my idea of success but I have never been poor. I always think about the rich God that I have & each time He has strengthened my mind & has blessed me with everything I have needed each time. It may be scary to most but not to those with true faith.)

  75. Suzan Lori Park: "Get out of your own way. You can spend your life tripping on yourself" (Brian K. Rice: does this sound familiar; I am scared of failure. What if it does not work? I am scared to leave my comfort zone- job or city or etc... I don't know what to do- then find out. I've always wanted to do a certain thing but somehow I never finish my plan. I have some good ideas but- don't let 'but' get in your way.)

  76. Albert Einstein "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." (Brian K. Rice: Where there is a need, there is an opportunity. Just start looking around for a problem or a need near you and you may just find a very successful business opportunity if the problem is big enough)

  77. John Wooden: "Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do" (Brian K. Rice: The sooner you realize that something is not working for you, the sooner you can find something that does. Learn how to let go, Learn how to move on, Look for signs of those things that do not help you, Caution: don't move too soon until you are sure. )

  78. Oprah: "Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure." (Brian K. Rice: Stop worrying about what you can't control, relax, & make the most of your moments.)

  79. Aristotle: "One may go wrong in many different directions but right only in one" (In life you should try to make the right decisions, even if you choose the wrong choice. I think it is important that we constantly seek the opportunity for self improvement of ourselves and others and in the end self improvement may be the only right choice as we travel through life. Thoughts inspired by a book titled 'Vision' ~by Brian K. Rice)

  80. Brian K. Rice "Some may consider themselves lucky or better yet blessed: others may feel just the opposite, but what matters is how you see yourself" (I wrote this quote in 'Prepare For Your Success' because we all have made it through some mountains & I want to encourage others to focus on themselves & their blessings and to find that fight in them to fight through their future or present mountains

  81. Sam Cooke: A Change is Gonna Come "It's been a long, a long time coming But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will... Ohhhhhhhhh..... There been times that I thought I couldn't last for long But now I think I'm able to carry on It's been a long, a long time coming But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will" (This song speaks volume for those gone through a fight that does not seem like it will end ~by Brian K. Rice)

  82. Isaiah 43:18-19 NKJV "Do not remember the former things, Nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness And rivers in the desert." (You can't let your mind be captivated by the past and therefore unknowingly become too comfortable with the captivity of the present, He is willing to make a new way, seek him ~ by Brian K. Rice)

  83. George W. Carver: "Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses." (I compare my attempts of success to the trial error method I learned in algebra. If the first idea does not work then I have to come up with a new idea that is not excused based. ~by Brian K. Rice)

  84. Maya Angelou: "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." (I am actually okay with your complaining if complaining is the driving force that makes you work harder to change your situation or the problem. If you have made no attempts to make changes, you will get no sympathy. People typically complain about issues with their job, neighborhoods, youth, city, weight, church, etc ... ~by Brian K. Rice)

  85. Wilma Rudolph "Believe me, the reward is not so great without the struggle." (Don't give up entrepreneur. Don't let the stress of unemployment weigh you down, job searcher. Don't quit. Keep fighting. Stay strong for you & your family. For me Real Estate is almost dead, the engineering salary is gone, & book sales are slow but my encouragement comes from feedback from my book and my faith in Him. ~by Brian K. Rice)

  86. Booker T. Washington: "I shall allow no man to belittle my soul by making me hate him." (I will not allow you to affect me in a negative way. I have to live my life. I don't want hate in me, even though others may hate me. There is power in how you think, you make it good or bad, it’s your choice. Let’s take this quote to another level; I will not let anyone take away my self-confidence or my self-belief. ~by Brian K. Rice)

  87. "If you want to sell yourself, self confidence must be there and in order to build your self confidence you must focus on your strengths, find something in your past that you are proud of, find something in you that people compliment you for & be honest with yourself & work on your weaknesses. You can't worry about your nay sayers, they can't live for you. You are in charge of your destiny (practice & prepare by Brian K. Rice)

  88. "A man can't ride your back unless it's bent." by Martin Luther King, Jr. (stand tall, stand up, knock the haters off or let them pull you down. I know people who feel like this about the man or the company they work for; whoever the man is to you, use him for what he is worth and then step out on your own. ~by Brian K. Rice)

  89. W.E.B. Dubois Quote: "There is in this world no such force as the force of a person determined to rise. The human soul cannot be permanently chained." (Dubois may have been speaking about racism in America in the early 1900s, but this quote speaks to more than minorities rising. Determination is a key principle to rise in anything and there is nothing that can hold the soul of a determined person down. ~by Brian K. Rice)

  90. "Sometimes you got to hurt something to help something. Sometimes you have to plow under one thing in order for something else to grow." by E. Gaines (How many of us are holding on to something that we must let go? How many of need to make a sacrifice to better our situation? ~By Brian K. Rice)

  91. "Life is the only real counselor, we have to learn from our past experiences and we must be proactive learning from other peoples experiences" (How hard is it to pick up a book to read from other peoples experiences or even ask someone who has gone down that road to help you? If I want something bad enough, I am going to learn as much as I can about what not to do and what to do.) ~by Brian K. Rice

  92. "Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit." by Vince Lombardi (This statement is so true. Once you create a mindset that it is ok not to finish, it makes it much easier the next time to give the same effort or a little less and now you have lowered your standards `by Brian K. Rice)

  93. "Alcohol never made a man better, but it made many a man think he was better" by F. Dunne (Many people feel as though they have to have it. Blame it on the alcohol is a tired excuse. There is nothing wrong with alcohol but there comes a point where there is excess. It amazes me to see people drink something that could start a car, and then they cringe in disgust when they do it and then say it is good stuff. ~ by Brian K. Rice)

  94. Brian K. Rice: “Be encouraged by what you want in life”

  95. “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” by Plato 427 BC-347 BC (What are you scared to go after? What are you scared of losing? What do you fear? Are scared you may lose your job, or you may remain single or become single? Are you scared to step out of your comfort zone? Are you scared of failure? ~by Brian K. Rice)

  96. "Find your motivation to move forward from what has true meaning" (we all want to accomplish certain things but we get discouraged sometimes. Reflect on the future of how your actions will affect those you love including you. Keep reaching) ~by Brian K. Rice

  97. "Strive to be your personal best" (determine what you need to work on, improve that area and then pick another. For some it may be your spiritual growth, personal discipline, speaking skills, vocabulary, personal health, finances, attitude, time management, organization, planning, negative thinking... Learn to take traits from positive people in your life and apply them to you.) by Brian K. Rice

  98. "Fear forces people to stay in their comfort zone" (people fear leaving their job, moving to a new city, leaving a dead end relationship, failure, risks, opening up to someone, etc... Staying in your comfort zone forces people to become complacent and accept less in life. Through failure I have learned more than those who never tried. Through traveling I have been forced to step out and grow personally.) by Brian K. Rice

  99. "life is about balance & you have to condition yourself in each area: physical body & health, emotional state, relationships, finances, work & career, organization & time management, fun & entertainment, & spiritual life ...& contribution" (You know you, so focus on the weakest link until the whole chain is strong. Read a book, ask a friend for help, step out of your comfort zone, sacrifice to be better) by Brian K. Rice

  100. Brian K. Rice: Its all about mindset. Learn to look at problems and challenges in a positive light, if not then you will allow the negative to overshadow the learning lessons you will receive. For ex: you lost your job and you are on a tight budget, this is the time to practice discipline, focus more on God, and a time for you to tune in to your true gifts and talents. (James 1:2 "Count it all joy when faced with problems")

  101. "Compete against you, Compete against time" (We all have battles within us that we have to conquer and we only have so much time to conquer them. We all want to hold the reward of our goals but time passes to fast sometimes. 24 hours passes in a heartbeat, just create a 24 hour log and write down everything you do on a regular week day and a weekend and replace what you have to for your goals) By Brian K. Rice

  102. "If Only, If only I had tried, If only I had given my best, If only I had studied more, If only I did not wait, If only I prayed, If only I did not cheat, If only I did not drink the last drink, If only I listened, If only if I said no, If only I protected myself, If only I was on time, If only has a sad track record." by Brian K. Rice

  103. "It is no use to grumble and complain; If you are not taking the efforts to change your situation." (for whatever reason some people would rather complain than attempt to be a change maker; some complain about their job daily, opportunities, their relationships, being broke, being bored, their circle of friends... Make your situation better and in the worse case, change your thinking) by Brian K. Rice

  104. "Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today I dare to win." By Bernadette Devlin (my thoughts, This recession is real and I still have friends losing jobs left and right. My brother, my sister just keep thinking positive and proactively reinvent yourself because you have to win the battle)

  105. Rise Again Rise Again Rise Again "Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely." By Henry Ford

  106. "I had no idea that history was being made. I was just tired of giving up." (this statement to me in not so much about civil rights but it is about giving up anything you do not want to give up: civil rights, your own dreams, success, hope, faith, trying, relationships, yourself...) by Rosa Parks

  107. Elbert Hubbard "To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing."(Brian K. Rice: Bottom line, criticism is coming if you are going to be something. There are always critics.)

  108. When an archer misses the mark, he turns and looks for the fault within himself. Failure to hit the bull's-eye is never the fault of the target. To improve your aim, you must improve yourself (by Gilbert Arland)

  109. "Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with what there is" (Ernest Hemingway)

  110. Brian K. Rice: “Ms. Teenager and Mr. Teenager, you are young enough to make mistakes, but you are old enough to make mistakes that will affect you for the rest of your life. All choices you make today are important so choose wisely.”

  111. Abraham Lincoln: “If I were to try to read, much less answer, all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business. I do the very best I know how—the very best I can" (Brian K. Rice: Just do the very best you can. Who cares about the haters in the end? Who cares about the naysayers? Some people just have a negative spirit and it is their job to be negative. Don't let them affect you.)

  112. Hold On! Don't Give Up. Hold On! Don't Give In. Your reward is coming, just hold on.
    Brian K. Rice: Waaaay before anyone recognizes you. Waaaay before you receive the appropriate job or position you deserve. Waaaay before anyone says you are good enough. You have to believe in yourself. Quit looking around and start looking within you.

  113. Brian K. Rice: "Your ears are not garbage cans, so listen to what you put in them" (Stop your heavy cussing and negative friends the next time they start dumping their trash on you. Turn the station. Cut the volume down. Change the channel. We have to be mindful of everything around us. Better yourself by paying attention to what you put in your body. Your ears are not garbage cans.)

  114. As long as there is hope, there is possibility

  115. No deposit, No withdrawal (Brian K. Rice: You have to put in the work if you want to receive the reward. This goes for personal goals as well as relationships)

  116. Skylar Youngblood: "I can't rest in chaos" (Brian K. Rice: Is there any area in your life that is in chaos? Are you content with where you are? Is there financial chaos, relationship chaos, career chaos, spiritual chaos, etc... in your life? If so, what choices are you making that is keeping you in chaos? Reevaluate YOU and get your house in order. Get your goals and plans and actions in order.)

  117. Dale Carnegie: "If you can't sleep, then get up and do something instead of lying there worrying. It's the worry that gets you, not the lack of sleep."

  118. Swedish Proverb: “Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.” (Brian K. Rice: Let it go, do the best you can with what you have and don't worry about the rest.)

  119. Brian K Rice: Aspirations... Motivation... Ambition... Objective... Goals... Labor... Effort... Sacrifice... Revolution... Breakthrough... (What are your aspirations? What is your motivation? How ambitious are you? What is your objective? Do you have clear goals? Are you willing to labor? What type of effort are you willing to give? What are you willing to sacrifice? Do you really want the revolution & breakthrough?)

  120. Dolly Parton: "If you want the rainbow, you've got to put up with the rain." (Brian K. Rice: Only a few more rainy days, only a few more storms, only a few more seasons, only a few semesters to go, only a few more hours of work, only a few more long nights, only a few more new bosses, only a few more sacrifices before you see your rainbow)

  121. Sean Covey "Sharpen the saw; Renew yourself regularly" (You have to care for the four dimensions of your life, which is your body, heart, mind and soul. Doing so will help balance out you and your life.) [Brian K. Rice: There is always an opportunity to improve yourself. Find a way to eat better, to exercise, to continue learning, to continue advancing, to continue growing in HIM. Find a way to improve yourself.)

  122. Edmund Hillary: "It is not the mountain we conquer BUT OURSELVES." (Brian K. Rice: The challenge is within. The race is won on the inside. It is not about the external factors. It is not about others, it is about YOU.)

  123. Brian K. Rice: Determination! Dedication! Discipline! Devotion! Desire! Drive!

  124. Brian K. Rice: "There is a positive in that" (You did not grow tall enough- there is a positive in that. You don't look a certain way; You are working a job you do not like; You are not talented enough; You chose the wrong major; You went bankrupt; You don't have enough money; You lost your job; Your relationship just ended; Your close friend passed away; You did not reach that goal-There is a positive in that)

  125. Edward Philpots "Whatever your lot may be, paddle your own canoe"

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