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Brian K. Rice
The Community Engineer

Brian K. Rice, Redlining, Opportunity Zones, Ensley, Birmingham (87).JPG
Brian K. Rice, Redlining, Opportunity Zones, Ensley, Birmingham (88).JPG

Name 1 place in Birmingham or America where there are buildings appraised at $0.00 and surrounding mom and pop business owners property taxes see uneven Inflated Property Tax Spikes between 100% to 535% when sales have been flat for years and no completed developments but the only Fortune 500 company in Birmingham has the lowest increase at only 15% or just $432. Downtown Ensley in Birmingham is the only place in the world with this undeniable Economic Injustice. See Taxation Without Representation image below. Please Contact Synovus Bank Board of Directors, Contact the Board of Directors of CBRE - the largest appraisal company in the U.S. and world on my behalf, Contact UAB Board Chancellor and UA Board of Trustees for UAB involvement, Contact City of Birmingham for their involvement in conspiring with Synovus Bank and other entities as will be further determined by the Department of Justice for Obstruction of Commerce and the present day redlining of majority Black business districts and exclusion of Opportunity Zones.  This is present day redlining. Please visit Brian K. Rice Department of Justice Federal Complaint Page.

Brian K. Rice, Taxation Without Representation, Redlining, BBC, Ensley, Birmingham, Synovu
BBC World News, Brian K Rice, Ensley, Iv

"The Frustration of trying to invest in my hometown"

By Ivana Davidovic, BBC News London, UK

BBC News Article: Click Here for Article

"I thought it was the worst appraisal in the United States," he says, recalling the moment he opened the valuation the bank had given him for his properties and read its justification.

"They compared my eight historic properties to farmland...

Click Here For Full Article: 

Brian K. Rice, Redlining, Opportunity Zones, Mayor Woodfin, Synovus Bank, CBRE, UAB, Birmi

"I need your help and investment and others need your help & investment. The greatest challenge for African Americans is access to resources. If unfair banking is removed from my story, all of my eight historic buildings would be renovated and there would be thriving businesses in them that improve the community. I am operating from hope, dreams and that no give up spirit right now that someone or some organization will help me move forward." Brian K. Rice


If you want to help me move forward with the restoration of the next building or all buildings, or if you want to help me move foward with the legal journey to justice for our communities, please give what you can: You can give through direct through

Cash App using $BrianKRice25 or

Brian K. Rice, Building Ensley Together,
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