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Occupation: Mechanical Construction Engineer

Industry: U.S. Dept of Defense
Where: Oak Ridge, TN
When: 2002-2007
"I work 5 years as a Construction Engineer at Y-12 National Security Complex."

Occupation: Manufacturing Sales Engineer

Industry: U.S. Manufacturing (Various)
Where: Milwaukee,WI Richmond,VA & Charlotte,NC
When: 2007-2009
"I visited over 200 manufacturing facilities while working with Rockwell Automation & Allen Bradley. This engineering opportunity exposed me to the Food & Beverage Industry, Automotive Manufacturing Industry, Paper Manufacturing Industry, Bottling Plants, Wastewater Facilities, Lumber Yards, Amusement Parks Industry and so much more."

Occupation: Regional Business Development Manager

Industry: Oil & Gas Industry
Where: Houston, TX (Texas, Oklahoma, & Louisiana) 
When: 2010-2013
"I traveled throughout the state of Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana while working for Laser Cladding Services in Houston, TX worked as a Regional 
Engineering Sales Manager While working for Laser Cladding Services in Houston, TX"

Occupation: Regional Sales Manager: Construction Services and Engineering Services 

Industry: U.S. Manufacturing Industry
Business Development Manager
Where: Birmingham, AL (Southeastern United States)
When: 2013- Present
"I regularly travel throughout Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia to visit and sell engineering and industrial construction services."

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