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lawson state, Bessemer, Birmingham, AL
20160407_182556, Brian K Rice speaks to NSBE, Nationa Society of Black Engineers Students at the Uni
IMG_0592 Brian K Rice, African American Motivational Speaker speaks to Prarie View AM University Sch
Snapshot 3 (4-11-2016 4-26 PM) African American College Speaker, Brian K Rice does a live resume rev
DSC_0194, African American College Speaker, Brian K Rice at Alabama AM University
DSC03719 Baltimore Community College, Brian K Rice African American Motiavtional Speaker
DSC00232 African American College Motivational Speaker, Brian K Rice hosts Engineering Career Forum
AAMU, Alabama AM University, Huntsville, AL
Brian K. Rice, Engineer, Motivational Speaker, Birmingham
lights background with white, Best African American Motivational speaker for Teens, Black Males, and
prarie view am university, Texas

Common College Presentations: 

  • Common topics: Career Planning, Resume Development, Employment Readiness Workshops and Balancing College Life and Study Habit:

  • Common focus groups: Freshmen Only, Junior/Seniors Only, All Students, Male Only, Athletes Only, School of Engineering & Technology Career Planning Forum

  • Common formats: Auditorium, Classroom Workshops, Multiple Speaker Panel 

  • Common times: 30 minute overview, 60 minute detailed format, 90 minute, 2 hour format


Career Planning, Resume Development, Employment Readiness Workshop "From College Coursework to Social Life to Job Offer"  

  • the importance of balancing social life as soon as possible, discover your learning style, study tips

  • the importance of setting high goals early, the importance of establishing a high G.P.A. early

  • the importance of choosing friends with high standards, seek internships early  

  • Resume development:

  • Identify common resume mistakes with a live student resume review

  • Community service, the value of double majors, finding leadership roles

  • Resume/Experience: internships, co-ops, job shadowing, educational projects

  • Resume/Skills: career specific skill development, certifications, etc…

  • Interview skills, interview questions, soft skills, verbal, non-verbal, written skills, recommendations

  • Job Searching Tools (Linkedin, Indeed, Monster, Career Builder, Occupational Outlook Handbook etc…)

  • Professional conferences, career fairs, networking, elevator pitch – be bold

  • Web portfolio, social media do’s and don’ts

  • Is grad school for me? (How is your GPA? What does the job market say? etc…)

  • Entrepreneurship resources

Engineering and Technology Forums:

  • Note: (This workshop will mirror the "From College Coursework to Social Life to Job Offer" workshop above 
    but with a focus on engineering and technology jobs. Brian work experience as a sales engineer has allowed 
    him to visit over 200-300 manufacturing plants around the country)

  • Brian will go more in depth into the manufacturing process

  • Brian will also speak about different types of engineers and their typical responsibilities

  • Brian will breakdown the difference in design engineers, production engineers, process engineers, field engineers, 
    quality engineers, construction engineers, sales engineers, plant engineers, facility engineers and there associated 
    engineering discipline

  • This workshop will give mechanical engineer majors, electrical engineer majors, computer engineer majors, industrial engineer majors, civil engineer, chemical engineer majors, etc... a greater appreciation of a typical work day for their discipline.

"Strategies for Black Male College Students"

This workshop will be an open dialogue discussing the following:

  • traits of successful African American men

  • personal responsibility and self-accountability

  • social life and school balance

  • the importance of G.P.A.

  • career planning

  • career path and options (vision, insight, goal setting)

  • interview tips, soft skills, interview attire

  • certifications, degrees

  • gaining experience

  • entrepreneurship

  • the importance of reading for self development (subject matter understanding)

  • the importance of reading for verbal communication skills development

  • the importance of seeking guidance from your professors

  • discipline and work ethic

  • balancing athletics and school work

  • overcoming real life obstacles in college, with professors, with friends, and after college

  • self-presentation, clothing attire, developing communication skills

  • defining your motivation and staying motivated

  • additional topics will be added to meet goals determined by the requesting organization

Black History Month Presentation

(The study of Black History is by far my favorite subject of interest. I search out museums when traveling. I read and research this subject more than all others.)

This session will cover the following topics based on a 45-60 min format:

  • Brian will cover key local, national, and world historical topics related to Black History and Culture.

  • 05-10 minutes I will open with a historical video that will capture the audience. This video will cover little known but 
    important America history

  • 10-20 minutes: I will cover other key historical facts that are local to the city, state, or region where the presentation is taking place

  • 20-30 minutes: I will cover select history that address the impact African Americans has had in the United States as well as the world.

  • 30-40 minutes I will ask the audience questions about their view points on this subject

  • 40-50 minutes: I will provide a quick summary of the presentation and then I will use it to encourage racial and cultural understandings across all races in the audience.

  • During the presentation I will use the topics to destroy discouraging myths for African American.

  • During the presentation I will use the topics to further explain present day conditions and why they exist and what we can do about them to move our local communities forward

  • Format and discussion will be adjusted as needed

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